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Ripple Touch

Create powerful, positive change that ripples through your life

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Is this you?

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Feel stuck, with no control

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Lacking confidence

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The same thing keeps happening in your relationships

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Your past is holding you back

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Not sure what's next in your career

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Isolating yourself from others

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Lost your sense of who you are

Are you ready to…


Change your mindset and feel in control


Free yourself from over-analysing and start doing


Feel confident


Break patterns and have healthier relationships


Discover what's holding you back


Identify your real passion and options


Overcome your fears


Be you again

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Life coaching

You're stuck and you know you are not living your potential. I can help you gain clarity and get back on track. With one to one coaching tailored specifically to you, we'll break through limiting beliefs, build your confidence, explore your dreams and uncover your true power.

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Transforming Mindset

These online workshops are a great way to learn new strategies and practice transforming your mindset for positive change. They also give you an opportunity to meet others that are in a similar space and start to create a positive ripple effect in your life.

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Professional Mentoring

Mentoring is for you if you are feeling stuck in your work life, want to climb the career ladder with your existing employer or wish to explore a new avenue altogether. Let me help you open your mind to new ideas and possibilities, identify opportunities and advise on how to promote yourself for success.

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Dhara possesses a truly magical and sensitive energy.

The work I did with Dhara allowed me to see what life was like before I absorbed societal traumas and pressure. It has been massively helpful for me. I felt completely protected and cared for throughout. Dhara is incredibly skilled at reading the situation and knowing where to take it. If you're lucky enough to get some time with Dhara, be sure to make the most of it.



Ready to feel the ripple effect? Take the first step to positive change

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I’m Dhara Shah, a NLP life coach and mentor. I love helping people discover their inner power and create positive change that ripples through their lives.

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