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I am Dhara Shah

NLP Life Coach, Mentor and expert in delivering Health & Wellbeing services. I love helping people discover their inner power and create positive change that ripples through their lives.

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My Story

While in banking, my roles involved mentoring and coaching people in their personal development. What I often found was that limiting beliefs and a negative mindset were at the heart of what was holding people back.

Mindset coaching was something I was drawn to and did naturally. Through working with people, I also learned a lot about myself and my own trust issues. I realised that I hid behind my own armour to avoid the risk of getting hurt.

Over time, I learnt to open up and allow others to see the real me. This enabled me to build trust with others and have a deeper sense of connection with people. This was great – I felt free and alive! I was better able to help people. However, I realised that in the corporate environment, my coaching was constrained by the business’s agenda.

Things came to a head in 2019. I was faced with redundancy when I was expecting my second child. As stressful as this was, I saw this an opportunity to shift my mindset and change things for myself. I took redundancy and had my baby the following month!

The real turning point was the few months after having my child. I wasn’t myself. I felt dull and withdrawn from life. I was on auto-pilot, going through the motions with the daily routine of being at home and carrying out the roles of ‘mum’, ‘wife’ and ‘housekeeper’. I love my family, yet something was missing. I felt lost, without purpose and was suffering inside.

It was here I made a choice. For me to be fulfilled and happy in all the roles in my life, it was important for me to have purpose and fulfilment as an individual. I needed to work with people again! It was time to practice what I preached, to apply those skills I used to help others and make that shift in my own mindset for transformational change.

This is when I founded Ripple Touch… because I know what it is like to feel low, to feel stuck, to feel lost. I know what it’s like to hide behind a mask. I know what it’s like to not be and show your true self and suffer silently. I also know what it’s like to shift your mindset, to take positive action, to see the change in yourself and the ripple effect it has on your life. Now, I cherish and enjoy my family time and feel fulfilled as an individual doing the work I love.

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Ripple Touch - helping you help yourself for yourself

I have over 7000 hours of coaching and mentoring experience and I’m passionate about the transformational impact of changing your mindset! Let’s work together to discover your inner power and strength and make choices that create positive ripples, not only in your own life, but naturally have impact on those around you.

Ready to feel the ripple effect? Take the first step to positive change

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